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On Feb 20,2019 in Phước Hòa, Phú Mỹ, Baria-Vũng tàu, Gemadept – Terminal Link Caimep Terminal JSC (Gemalink) held the Groundbreaking Ceremony to resume the construction of the largest deep sea container port in Vietnam, namely Gemalink Port.

The Port project has the largest scale among the others in the deep sea container port cluster at Caimep- Thi vai area, invested by Gemalink. Gemadept holds 75% shares and CMA Terminal (belonging to French Maritime Group CMA-CGM) holds 25% shares with the total investment capital of USD520M in 2 phases: USD 330M-1st phase and USD 190M-2nd phase.

In terms of its scale, the entire Gemalink port after construction completion will cover an area of 72ha with the main berth of 1,150m for the biggest mother vessel in the world and the side berth of 370m for feeders. The designed capacity of Gemalink is 2.4M Teus/ year for 2 phases.

Right in phase 1, Gemalink Port will have a main berth of 800m for mother vessels up to 20,600 Teu capacities (equivalent to 200,000DWT tonnage) and side berth for feeder of 260m on 33ha of container yard and port office building. The quay is connected to the shore by 3 bridges. The port handling capacity in phase 1 is 1.5M Teus per year.

Land reclamation, soil improvement and a number of items have been carried out since 2010 with about 39% of the workload of Phase 1. Therefore, the time for construction of the main items will be shortened and the port will tentatively be completed and put into operation in the middle of 2020. The consultant and construction supervisor is Royal Haskoning DHV Netherlands, who is the world's leading seaport one. The Construction companies of Gemalink Port are fully experienced in building many other big port projects in Vietnam.

Gemalink Port has the most competitive advantages in the area with a favorable location, located right at the river mouth with the deepest draft and convenient turning basin. In addition, Gemalink which has the longest main berth is the only deep sea container port in Cai Mep-Thi Vai having dedicated berth for feeder vessels connecting Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta Area; the port will be equipped with modern stevedoring equipments, operated by a professional port operator, designed to accommodate the largest vessel size in the world.

CMA-CGM (France) is one of the world's leading shipping lines, a member of Ocean Alliance having mother vessels calling Vietnam. Gemadept Corp is the leading port operator and logistics provider in Vietnam, also a leading carrier in the domestic and some Asian routes. Thanks to those advantages, Gemalink Port will have a stable volume right at the beginning of its operation.

The establishment of Gemalink Port will create a new face of Gemadept in port operation. Currently, Gemadept is the only listed company in the country that owns and operates the Port and Logistics system stretching from the North to the South with a chain of 7 ports. Looking forward to 2022, Gemadept's total port capacity will be equivalent to 5 million TEUS / year, meeting the diverse needs of customers and always the first choice of major shipping lines in the world.

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