Shore Protection, Unloading Ramp and Coal Unloading Jetty of Van Phong 1 BOT Thermal power plant project

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On February 12th, 2020, Pacific Corporation and Phu Xuan Consulting and Construction Joint Stock Company had signed contract to implement Shore Protection, Unloading Ramp and Coal Unloading Jetty of Van Phong 1 BOT Thermal power plant project. With this project, Pacific Corporation continues to assert its confidence and capacity to domestic and foreign contractors, and help to increase the localization rate of domestic industrial projects.

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Mr. Nguyen Minh Khoi - Vice President of EPC of Pacific Corporation and Mr. Nguyen Quoc Men - President of Phu Xuan JSC signed contract in the witness of delegates attending the ceremony

Attending the ceremony, there were attendances of Mr. Phan Van Quy – Chairman of Pacific Corporation, Mr. Phan Le Hoang - Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Nguyen Minh Khoi - Vice President of EPC and some company’s managers. From Phu Xuan Consulting and Construction Joint Stock Company, there was participation of Mr. Nguyen Phu Xuan - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Men – President, and a number of consultants.

Speaking at the ceremony, representative of Pacific Corporation said that the signing of contract for items of Van Phong 1 Thermal Power Plant project between Pacific Corporation and Phu Xuan JSC marked an important milestone, showed the professionalism and efforts of both sides, demonstrated the capacity of Vietnamese enterprises in implementing major domestic projects, raising the localization rate.

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Representative of Pacific Corporation made a speech at the Ceremony

Pacific Corporation also expressed its belief that this is a good start for more comprehensive and deep cooperation between the two companies, in order to complete the project as well as achieve many new goals in the future.

Representative of Phu Xuan JSC affirmed that they would closely cooperate with Pacific Corporation to complete the project. 

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Representative of Phu Xuan Consulting and Construction Joint Stock Company made a speech at the Ceremony

Van Phong 1 BOT Thermal Power Plant project belongs to Van Phong - Khanh Hoa Power Center, with 2 units, each has capacity of about 660MW. The plant will provide a large source of electricity for the southern region's electricity system as well as the national electricity system, contributing to stabilizing electricity supply, meeting increasing demand for electricity in the southern provinces.

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Overview of the Contract Signing Ceremony

The packages that Pacific Corporation participating in the project include Shore Protection, Unloading Ramp and Coal Unloading Jetty, with a total value of nearly VND 1,300 billion.

In particular, the shore protection package is infrastructure item, and it plays an important role for the entire project progress. Materials of shore protection construction include: stones, geo textile, Rakuna 4 blocks. The design of shore protection with application of Rakuna 4 blocks was highly appreciated by Doosan partner compared to the design of many other famous domestic and foreign contractors participating in the bidding. Van Phong 1 project is also one of the first projects in Vietnam using a new design block - Rakuna 4 block. The shore Protection has over 2,640m in length, including deep sea, shallow sea and on land, and temporary unloading jetty with 5,000 DWT, dimension 60 x 16 m.

Coal jetty is an open sea port type, which is located a distance 1.2km from the mainland, connected by a 1.2km access trestle supporting the road and conveyor system to transport coal into the plant, with a width of trestle is 12m. Coal jetty structure is a combination of precast concrete beam and slap with cast in-stu pipe cap, all these structures are supported on a steel pipe pile foundation. To execute this package, it requires mobilize manpower and large construction equipment with high accuracy requirements, very tight construction schedule depend on weather conditions, in extreme construction conditions at open sea area.

It is expected that these packages will be completed by the end of 2021.

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