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Phu Xuan Consultation and Construction Joint Stock Company has been established with the core of experienced technicians in the field of port and waterway construction that come from rich traditional corporations of the Ministry of Transport. Over the past years of operation, Phu Xuan Company has continuously developed with focusing on investing in human resources and advanced machinery and equipments to meet the requirements of building its forte, which is port and waterway. as well as related design consultancy, construction and construction such as road transport works and industrial infrastructure. With sychronous and most advanced equipments, experienced engineers and skilled wokers and with the top criteria of "Quality, progress, safety and warranty", all projects that have been designed and constructed by Phu Xuan JSC. has won customers trust.

Over the past years, along with the country's economic development, Phu Xuan Company has been on the right track and built itself a prestigious brand, having worked with key project management boards and the Corporation. Great construction and credibility. The Company's advantage is a compact and efficient management apparatus, with synchronous and modern equipment, a team of highly qualified engineers, skilled workers directly executing, so it is possible High productivity and quality, cost reduction, meeting the requirements of the Investor as well as the efficiency of project investment bring benefits to the company's partners. Through the implementation of many projects with different industries, the works are carried out in the North Central and South regions, in many regions with complex geological conditions, diverse natural conditions, Phu Xuan Company is confident. can proactively propose the most appropriate design and construction solutions.
With the top criterion: "SAFETY, QUALITY, PROGRESS AND WARRANTY", all projects that have been and are being constructed by Phu Xuan Company continuously won the trust of customers. Our engineers and workers are always ready to embark on the implementation of the next project with a high sense of responsibility, quality assurance and progress.
As the name of Phu Xuan, we always aim to bring happiness and trust to customers and partners. We look forward to continuing to receive your close cooperation.
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Providing the best construction solutions and quality to meet partners and customerss expectations, helping our partners and customers achieve their success.
Making great works, build beautiful and high quality world class projects right on the land of Vietnam.
Contributing to build strong seaport construction industry of Vietnam that is on par with the world, promoting industrialization and modernization of the country.


Becoming a leading and typical company in Vietnam in the field of seaport design and construction.
Always at the forefront of innovation and development of management system, human resource, equipment, and construction capacity to grow stronger and stand on par with international partners.
Cooperate and support domestic partners to develop together and promote the port construction industry in particular and the construction industry in general in Vietnam.

In order to meet strong development of the company, as well as improve the efficiency, quality of management and construction, Phu Xuan Company focus on gradually building efficient and tight working apparatus and processes, recruiting and trainning talented, experienced people who work with high responsibility to take on suitable jobs and positions. In this way, Phu Xuan Company has developed strongly and firmly, which is not only reflected by the construction of increasingly large and higher projects with international level, but also by satisfaction and appreciation from partners and customers. Over the past years, along with the economic development of the country, Phu Xuan Company has been on the right track and built itself a prestigious brand, which has been appreciated and trusted by all customers and partners in Vietnam and abroad.
According to the business registration certificate No. 0101185572 issued by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment on December 28, 2006, Phu Xuan Consulting and Construction Joint Stock Company has the function of business and construction activities. as follows:
  • Prepare investment projects to build port - waterway, bridge - road, irrigation works ...
  • Consultancy for making feasible projects, preparing bidding documents for investment projects on construction of transport works: waterway, road, bridges, river ports, seaports ...
  • Consultancy on designing irrigation projects, waterway port constructions, traffic construction works, bridges and roads, civil and industrial constructions.
  • Making cost estimates, total cost estimates of port construction works, civil and industrial construction works, road traffic works.
  • Surveying engineering geology and hydrogeology Supervision of construction of civil and industrial works.
  • Dredging yards, drilling piles, driving piles and construction piles.
  • Construction works: civil, industrial, transportation, irrigation, maritime works including types of ports, piles, piers, breakwaters ...
  • Construction of power projects up to 35KV.
  • Trading in machinery, equipment and materials for industry, agriculture, construction, traffic, irrigation, environmental treatment equipment.
  • Quarrying of stone, gravel, clay (Breaking blasting rock).
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